Principal Bios

John Carle is the original partner in JCAmerica and lives in Lewisville, Texas. John originally founded JCAmerica as a leading Technology Consulting Business. He's a mathematician and physicist, with degrees from Southwest Texas State University, and has a long and successful career in engineering, marketing and management.

Ken Hines is a JCAmerica  partner and lives in Dallas.  Recently, Ken was the Director of Internet Technologies for one of the world's leading companies in the golf, private club, and resort industries.  Ken has a bachelor degree in education from California State College and a master's degree in computer science from Webster University.  A retired US Army officer, Ken brings a broad array of Information Technology experience to JCAmerica. 


The JCA technical staff has expertise in every important internet technology.   Our Partner company, Softmate Software Solutions, provides unsurpassed expertise and prompt service in the field of Client-Server Technologies and e-business applications. Their core expertise is in Custom Application Development using Languages and tools, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Power Builder and Java.  We have people well versed in platforms like Windows NT, Windows-98, Unix and Linux. They also have expertise in JCL, JSP, ASP, XML for front end and SQL 2000, Oracle, and Access as the back end for web application development.


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